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Inhuman hauntings are the most volatile and hostile haunting you can encounter on this planet. No one knows exactly what an inhuman haunting is, but we do know the following:

1. They are not of human genetics. They have NEVER walked the earth as a human.

2. They are 1000s of years old. Some believe them to be older than any trace of human in earths history.

3. They are pure evil. There is zero goodness in anything they do or are.

4. They can take the shape of a human when they manifest on this earth, but they always have a body part missing. It’s almost always the eyes so it’s easier to blend in.

These inhumans over the years have been categorized in the religious world as “Demons”. There is zero proof that they are from any religion or have any religious aspects what so ever.

They will manipulate humans by telling them that they are a specific demon from the a religion, but they are not. I know some will question and even reject that statement, but it is true.

Even though they are not part of religion, it seems that religious incantation of any kind hurt and even banish them from properties and people alike. It has to do with the persons faith in said religion that is doing the exorcism. This will be discussed again below.

These are the ONLY type of hauntings that can possess a human being. Possession of a person is not something that happens right away or only for a few seconds like some mediums and a certain TV show will like you to believe.

The inhuman will have to break down your will and your humanity to be able to possess you in any way, shape, or form. This takes time. A lot of time. You cannot get possessed during an investigation. You can get an attachment, but a possession...no.

Also, these entities can possess things like dolls and houses. Annabelle and the Conjuring House are very classic cases of said possessions. The inhuman becomes attached to the object, just like in human possession, but without having to break down your will to live so it possesses said objects quicker.

But there is a stipulation with the possession of a house or property. A person who has claim of said property has to let the entity in. This is very commonly done by the playing with and mistreating of a Ouija Board. Some houses have also been infested because it has an intelligent haunting in or around it. Inhumans feed off of energy. As spirts are made of energy, the inhuman is inclined to try to enter the house.

This is done in a number of ways, but a very common one is “The Knock”. You will receive a knock at your door. As you open it to see who it is, it comes right in. You unintentionally invite it into your home just by opening the door.

There are many signs that attribute to an inhuman haunting and possession. Here are the most important ones:

1. Inhumans will give off very pungent and foul odors like sulfur, feces, rotting flesh, among others.

2. They can manifest as a dark shadow, am almost human like we discussed earlier, and also in their true form. But to see one in their true form is almost impossible.

3. As normal spirits can lift about 5 to 10 pounds, an inhuman can lift existentially more. To date I do not believe a limit has ever been calculated. Inhumans can move a couch, a fridge, a tv, without hesitation.

4. They can and will punch, scratch, throw, and hurt you. Especially if you are there to hurt or expel them from the house or human.

5. Inhumans can mimic voices and forms of your friends and loved ones.

6. When possessing a human being, the human themselves become almost superhuman and can lift incredible weight.

7. Inhumans can manifest items out of what looks like thin air. Razor blades seem to be a favorite among the inhumans

Those are just some of the things that inhumans can do. They also emulate inhuman hauntings as well. Banging noises, loud noises, small manipulation of objects, doors opening and closing among other things. Manipulating you to believe it’s a ghost you are dealing with and not a darker, more violent entity.

There are things you can do as a paranormal investigator to fight these things, and help to dispel them from a person or place.

1. As was stated above, the main way of battling these entities is through religious incantation. As a paranormal investigator alone you cannot do this. You need to either be a priest, minister, rabbi, shaman, or someone else of faith to fight it this way.

2. White sage and sea salt are another way to subside the haunting. It is not an end game solution, but will help you live with the haunting while you wait for a person of faith to be called in.

Now after reading all this, as a paranormal investigator, you will be hard pressed to come across an inhuman haunting on a regular basis.

There is a 1 in 100 chance to come across an inhuman haunting unless you are called in specifically for one.

Poltergeist Hauntings:

Poltergeist by break down of the word is German for noisy ghost. And this is basically what it does in the paranormal world.

A poltergeist is an unseen entity that moves objects, and makes noises. Plain and simple. But it’s not as simple as that.

A poltergeist is not an intelligent or even a residual haunting. It’s not a spirit of a deceased human at all.

A poltergeist, from what research that has been done on them, has been theorized as kinetic energy that manifests from girls and boys going through puberty or woman going through menopause.

The theory states that when the person is asleep they create a kinetic energy type being that will roam the area it manifests and move objects, slam doors, open and close windows, and make a ruckus.

There is really nothing that can be done about this certain type of haunting other than to document it.

Reports have been made that if you sedate the person creating the entity with some sort of sleep medication that will make the manifestation subside. But that all depends on how the person handles the medication. And I do not suggest doing this without a doctors advisement.

As poltergeist hauntings is still a newish and very touchy subject. This is just a theory based on research done in the field over the last 20 years.