A. P. ‚ÄčE. R.

Akron Paranormal & Entity Research



David Goldinger


Lead Investigator

I am Dave Goldinger...a 70 Yr. old U.S.Army veteran & devoted investigator of the paranormal.

I founded APER in Oct. of 2008 with the purpose of learning & helping individuals & families alleviate their concerns & fears of the unknown occurrences in their homes & businesses.

I have experienced numerous activity throughout my life that can't be explained through natural causes....We had a spirit in our home when I was 13 yrs. old...Ralph (the spirit) never caused any harm to my family & we all accepted his presence. After doing some research on our property I came to learn that a previous owner named Ralph had taken his own life in our home approx. 10 yrs. before my Dad bought the house.

Lori Brawley

Lead Investigator

Lori is a Great addition to Team Aper. She brings experience as well as an empathic desire to help those in need. Lori has been an outstanding investigator & I (Dave) am proud to have her as my second in command. Lori has learned a lot during her investigations with APER as well as working with other teams through Para-Unity. Our entire team enjoys working with other local teams.

Thomas Utt (T.J.)


Team Videographer

After recently being promoted to Full-Time Investigator...T.J. has shown he Is a Team Player & He is always ready to Learn & Teach. Aper is honored to Have T.J. with us & we hope he stays with us for Years

T.J. brings much to the table & has recently been named our Team Videographer as his knowledge of filming our investigations & posting on his You Tube channel as a Great asset to our growth