A. P. ‚ÄčE. R.

Akron Paranormal & Entity Research



Investigation Details:

Depending on the size of your home or business, somewhere between 2-8 people may investigate. Most times we have 3-4 investigators present. ALL are serious-minded adults. We are Not Thrill seekers & we Never treat you as having imagined your experiences.

We utilize the latest in electronic devices in which to document ant activity we may encounter. In the event that we capture something that can't be explained logically, we will make a cd/dvd copy for your records.

We will Never divulge any findings on social media without your consent. All of our evidence will be posted Only on our websites, but be assured we will Never divulge your name or address 


Orbs are semi explainable in the Paranormal Field.

Many are simply Dust, Bugs or even raindrops picked up on camera

Some come even from our own bodies...Dandruff or skin cells that leave our body on a regular basis

The Orbs that May be considered Paranormally related are :

  1. Orbs that emit their own light in total darkness
  2. Orbs that are a color other than White