A. P. ‚ÄčE. R.

Akron Paranormal & Entity Research




Team Aper came about from our Leader & Founder Dave Goldinger. Dave Founded APER (Akron Paranormal & Entity Research) in Oct. 2008 after having numerous experiences throughout his life by occurrences that couldn't be explained through nature.

Team Aper consists of like minded Adults that take this field very seriously. Our Mission is to discover Why some that have passd over remain in our realm. As we discover & learn more, we will pass our findings along so others can learn as well.

Our Field is Not a Game or a Hobby to us:

We take our calling into this field as a Gift. We have Helped many families face their misconceptions of the Afterlife. Not All spirits are around you to cause you harm. Many times you simply have a loved one that has passed staying near you to watch out for you & to help keep any evil entities from doing you harm, but on that rare occasion that an entity is intent on causing you harm or distress, we take our years of experience & our faith in God to assist us in relieving your home or business from this evil. Nothing in our field is Guaranteed, but we will do our best to help you feel safe in your home.